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The following centres take part in the CLARIN-D initiative. Each of the centres has a special focus and area of expertise:

  • BBAW Berlin
    German language, lexicons, diachronic corpora (before 1900), digital editions
  • EKUT Tuebingen, Department of Linguistics
    Annotated Corpora (treebanks), lexical data, data from experiments, linguistic knowledge components and web services
  • IDS Mannheim
    German language, big corpora of German (after 1900), corpora of spoken German, particularly variation and interaction corpora
  • LMU Munich, BAS
    German language and multimodal data, phonetics tools and services
  • UDS Saarbruecken
    Multilingual corpora and corpus tools
  • UHH Hamburg, HZSK
    Multilingual spoken corpora, transcription tools, sign language
  • University of Leipzig, ASV
    Lexical data, web services and special reference-corpora, public data
  • University of Stuttgart, IMS
    Computational linguistics software, such as: corpora and tools, parameter-based tools and web services


You can identify the most suitable centre for your research data by characterising your data using the following facets: