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Call for Abstracts: CLARIN Annual Conference 2021

Call for Abstracts: CLARIN Annual Conference 2021

CLARIN ERIC is happy to announce the CLARIN Annual Conference 2021 and calls for the submission of extended abstracts. The Call and the thematic focus can be read online at the organizer's website.

Important dates:

  • 19 January 2020: Call of Abstracts issued 
  • 14 April 2021: Submission deadline
  • 30 June 2021: Notification of acceptance
  • 27 August 2021: Camera-ready submission deadline  
  • 27-29 September 2021: CLARIN Annual Conference

Conference language:


Who or what is CLARIN? 

CLARIN is the European research infrastructure that makes digital language resources available to scholars, researchers, students and citizen-scientists from all disciplines, coordinates work on collecting language resources and tools, and offers advanced tools to discover, explore, exploit, annotate, analyse or combine such datasets, wherever they are located.

CLARIN2020: Online Event

CLARIN Annual Conference 2020: Online Event 


11 contributions of the German-speaking community registered! 

CLARIN2020: Keynotes and Additional Programme Elements

This year's CLARIN Annual Conference will be held as a virtual event (2020-07-23).

Make a note of the days from 5 to 7 October, 2020 and register for the additional programme.

The Programme 


Call for Interest

Calls for interest in additional programme elements, i.e. CLARIN BazaarCLARIN Student SessionCLARIN Consulting Session & CLARIN in the Classroom, are already open. 


At a Glance: The CLARIN Annual Conference

The CLARIN Annual Conference is the main annual event for those working on the construction and operation of CLARIN across Europe, as well as for representatives of the communities of use in the humanities and social sciences. 


Please note

28 April 2020

Submission deadline (extended)

22 June 2020

Notification of acceptance

28 August 2020    

Camera-ready version deadline 





GermaNet 15.0 Release



****   GermaNet Release 15.0    ****


We are pleased to announce a new release of GermaNet (release 15.0).

GermaNet is a lexical-semantic net that relates German nouns, verbs, and adjectives semantically by grouping lexical units that express the same concept into synsets and by defining semantic relations between these synsets. GermaNet has much in common with the English WordNet ( and can be viewed as an on-line thesaurus or a light-weight ontology.
GermaNet has been developed and maintained within various projects by the research group for General and Computational Linguistics (Director: Prof. Dr. Erhard Hinrichs) at the University of Tübingen since 1997.

The most important extensions to this GermaNet release compared to the previous release are:

* New synsets and lexical units for all word classes have been added, resulting in 10,000 additional lexical units.
* New relations between synsets have been added.
* New and updated Applications and Tools:
    -- Python API (new)
    -- Java API (extensions)
    -- GermaNet Rover (search and semantic relatedness calculations web app)
* The HomePage has moved, and is now available in both English and German:
For information about technical details and licensing, please consult the project home page:

Tour de CLARIN: A Portrait of CLARIN in Germany


Tour de CLARIN: A Portrait of CLARIN in Germany  


CLARIN-D at a Glance

We are very happy that this spring CLARIN ERIC will present and portray the German consortium CLARIN-D during the Tour de CLARIN (April-May).


The following blogposts are available (last update May 25, 2020)




Fig. 1: Tour de CLARIN-Tweet, source:



What is it about? 

Tour de CLARIN is a CLARIN ERIC initiative that aims to periodically highlight prominent User Involvement (UI) activities of a particular CLARIN national consortium. The highlights include an interview with one or more prominent researchers who are using the work of national consortium’s infrastructure and can tell us more about their experience with CLARIN in general; one or more use cases that the consortium is particularly proud of and any relevant user involvement activities carried out. Tour de CLARIN helps to increase the visibility of the national consortia, reveal the richness of the CLARIN landscape, and to display the full range of activities throughout the network. The content is disseminated via the CLARIN Newsflashblog posts and Twitter.



Tour de CLARIN Brochures Published 

Other CLARIN consortia have been portrayed already. At the CLARN ERIC's website you can find the download link or you can order a printed brochure. 

Tour de CLARIN, volume I. Edited by Darja Fišer and Jakob Lenardič. November 2018. 

Tour de CLARIN, volume II. Edited by Darja Fišer and Jakob Lenardič. November 2019.




LT for DH: Language Technology Resources and Tools for Digital Humanities Workshop at the COLING 2016

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The Kick-Off-Event of development and expansion of CLARIN-D took place Thursday 3rd of November 2016 and Friday, 4th of November 2016 at the Mediencampus in Leipzig.

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Forum CA3 2016

During the Forum CA3 2016, CLARIN-D presented its tools for accessing, analysing and archiving language resources for research and teaching in humanities and social sciences.

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The CLARIN newslettters from 2011 to 2015 can now be found in the archive.

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