Poio API – a framework for processing fieldwork data in linguistic research (WG 3)

Project content

The curation project Poio API is building a software library that facilitates searching and annotation in linguistic fieldwork data. The library will bridge between the data- and file-formats used in language documentation (especially the ELAN-Annotation-Format) and the data formats used in corpus linguistics and NLP (especially LAF/GrAF).

The project will build and publish an open and modular software library – Poio API – which can provide functions to server-based services and applications as well as for task- and project-specific desktop tools.

The project will include a server-based reference implementation which will provide web-service as well as a web-based user interface to demonstrate the potential of the library. The focus of this reference implementation will be the interaction with the DoBeS archive as the central CLARIN resource for linguistic fieldwork and language documentation.


  • 01.09.2012 - 30.09.2013


Responsible Institution

  • Department of Linguistics, General Linguistics, University of Cologne

  • Cologne Center for eHumanities, University of Cologne

  • CIDLeS – Interdisciplinary Centre for Social and Language Documentation, Minde (Portugal)

Executive Staff

  • Jonathan Blumtritt (University of Cologne)

  • António Lopes (CIDLeS)


  • Bouda, Peter „Open Research in Linguistics: How community software supports language documentation and data analysis; and how linguists can support the software community“. DoBeS-Workshop 2012 The impact of DoBeS-related technology on empirical and theoretical linguistics 5th/6th July, 2012 Max-Planck-Institut für Psycholingistik, Nimwegen.