Field Linguistic Tool Repository (F-AG 3)

Project content

The curation project "Field Linguistic Tool Repository" takes existing scripts and makes them available as web applications and web services. For this project, research supporting scripts are collected, maintained and the source code is published under a free licence. The functionality privided by the scripts is made accessible to users through HTML-based web applications and RESTful web services.

The Field Linguistic Tool Repository establishes four scripts as CLARIN ressources: ToolboxPy, Toolbox2LaTeX, ToolboxSearch and the CMDI-File Generator. The former scripts allow the user to search and replace annotation in toolbox files. Some of the functionalities will be integrated into the Poio library. The CMDI-File Generator allows for the bulk generation of CMDI files for files from linguistic fieldwork. The web applications are part of the Cologne Language Archive Services (CLASS) and are also addressable by a RESTful API.

The CMDI-File Generator is a HTML5 web application. This web app has offline capabilities so that the researcher can generate CMDI files at a field site with limited or no web connection.


  • 01.08.2013 - 31.03.2014


Responsible Institutions

  • Department of Linguistics, University of Cologne

  • Cologne Center for eHumanities, University of Cologne

  • Centro Interdisciplinar de Documentação Linguística e Social, Minde (Portugal)

Executive Staff

  • Felix Rau

  • Jonathan Blumtritt

  • Sebastian Zimmer

  • Peter Bouda