Implementation of a platform for Open Science and Reproducible Research for Psycholinguistics and Cognitive Psychology (WG 5)

Project content

The curation project for implementation of an Open Science platform was accepted in Febuary. Prof. Reinhold Kliegl (University of Potsdam) is responsible for the curation project as a whole. Ingmar Schuster (University of Leipzig) is responsible for the technical implementation.

Using the Open Science platform it shall be possible to download accompanying data and analysis/visualisation scripts while reading a publication without having to ask the author. Also, it should be possible to implement methods of data analysis and visualisation. An Open Science platform increases the transparency of research findings, facilitates reproduction of experiments and comprehension of the exact details of an experiment. It results in easier error correction and suggestion of more efficient ways of data analysis.

The project will focus on integrating the R statistical language for a start.


  • 01.04.2012 – 30.06.2013


Leading institution

  • Natural Language Processing Group, Department of Computer Science, University of Leipzig

Executive Staff