An Open Science platform for Corpus Linguistics (F-AG 5)

Project Aim

The Mind Research Repository (MRR) offers access to scientific preprints, accompanying data sets and code for statistical evaluation of the data. The MRR has evolved from the Potsdam Mind Research Repository.

Currently, we adapt the MRR to the needs of Corpus Linguistics. Among other things, this means data and preprints can be referenced by PID to enable external storage. This is useful for very large data sets and as a measure to ensure legal compliance with regard to publication policy of some journals. Also, we took first steps towards additional backups of the data stored at the MRR. Improvements in usability currently are the most important part of the project. Most of the necessary improvements have become apparent by conducting a usability study.

Time frame

  • 01.10.2014 – 31.07.2015

Proposed by



  • Yvonne Hoffmann (8 months, E13 50%)

  • Jakob Matthes (7 months, SHK)

  • Christian Kahmann (7 months, SHK)

  • Ingmar Schuster (4 months, E13 50%)

Project Website