Possible revision of research exception in German copyright law

In November 2013, the new ruling coalition of the German government (CDU/CSU and SPD) stated in their coalition agreement that they agree on the revision of copyright law concerning education and research:

“We will reform the copyright law with the goal in mind to take the importance of research, science and education into account and to implement an education- and research regulation.” German source.

In a study funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Professor Katharina de la Durantaye examines the possibilities for such a revision. The report is available in German

On May 19th 2014, a conference was held in Berlin, where Prof. de la Durantaye presented her extensive study. Specialists in politics, law, libraries and archives discussed the specific proposals for reform. It was stated by a member of the Ministry of Education that the government is currently forming a committee called “Rat für wissenschaftliche Infrastrukturen und eine Open-Access-Strategie” to carry out the coalition’s decision to implement the revision of copyright law concerning education and research. It remains to be seen if there will be any changes concerning an education and research regulation.



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